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KART Pedicure/

Cosmetic Approach During KART Pedicure Treatments


Cosmetic approach of KART pedicure treatments is performed within upper layers of epidermis which promotes its restorative functions. While performing Kart pedicure, all biological processes within epidermis are involved. Which is impossible to achieve during any other pedicure treatments, including using foot file or when working with an e-file.

When delivering KART Pedicures and working with product it enables...

  • Soft skin exfoliation on keratinised skin layer

  • Restore skin with cracks

  • Remove keratosis in an atraumatic way

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Improve regeneration process within epidermis

  • Remove swelling

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Deep skin conditioning

KART pedicure is a beauty therapy treatment which is based on liposomal peels and products with active ingredients which work very well together in penetrating and dissolving any type of keratosis as well as restoring skin natural functions.

Once your foot professional established the correct foot condition and skin type, the correct treatment protocol will take place with following steps applied:

  1. Soft skin exfoliation on keratinised skin layer. Top skin layers are cleaned with anti-microbial product, skin PH becomes low and is prepared for foot peel application. This step is performed using a special soap based on lactic acid with fruit and vegetable extracts as well as manuka oil.

  2. Soft skin exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin. Protein build up is dissolved. Deep skin conditioning using fruit and chemical acids. Skin build up or keratosis becomes softer, all regeneration processes within epidermis are launched. This step is performed using a specia liposome enzymatic peel enriched with papaya, tomato and apple extracts and vitamins as well as hyaluronic acid.

  3. Prophylactic effect when treating skin and nail infections, cracked heels, damage within soft tissue and its restoration, swelling and pain related to it. It is achieved by applying products enriched with hydra acids which contain allantoin.

  4. Removal of keratinised skin layer. Performed by KART unique peel systems. The peel system is applied according to the skin type and skin requirements.

  5. Ingrown toe nail condition and toe nal softening treatments. Prophylactic effect of ingrown toe nail condition, subungual callosity and blisters, fungal infections, onycholysis, hall plate thickening. All treatments and aftercare products are available only after a thorough consultation with your foot professional.

  6. Deep skin regeneration and restoration processes. Bringing skin PH back to normal, deep skin conditioning and nourishment, post pee oxfolation, prophylactic treatments of ingrown toe nail condition and onycholysis. Achieved by using deep conditioning creams and oils.

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